JAM Classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker HX-P230C


I’m at Office Depot and trying to figure out how to use my $40 gift card when I saw these little speakers all over the display ends of the ‘Techie’ isle. I was on the fence about the JAM HMDX speaker, I was quite skeptical about the quality of sound this could produce but then I realized the speakers on my laptop are downright atrocious so they were worth a shot.

I successfully connected my laptop with the speaker. Be warned that you need great eyesight and/or a strong magnifying glass to read the instructions on the leaflet that comes with the speaker, so jump on YouTube and search for an instructional video on there instead. So the speaker itself, is no bigger than my fist and the sound that comes out of it is big! I had it up and running in less than a couple of minutes and listened to music for probably an hour seeing how it handled different styles. No crackling, bass buzz, etc. For a small and relatively cheap Bluetooth speaker, I am very impressed.

I enjoyed the fact that I was no longer relying on my laptop’s speakers (terrible) and because of the speaker’s somewhat smaller footprint, I even had the ability to grab it to take with me when taking a shower (to put on the counter, not literally in the shower – it is NOT waterproof) – the shower was next door to my office (Bluetooth limitations in distance) but the speaker’s battery life is another major limitation.

Battery barely lasts 3-4 hours when using wireless. Makes it pretty much worthless for camping and other outdoor activities that last more than a few hours. The cord provided is only about 6 inches long….BUT…its your standard Micro USB Charger (i.e. android type charger) so you should have no issues finding cheaper longer replacement Micro USB cords. I tend to have it constantly plugged in for power and so that when I do rarely take it with me – it’s got at least a couple of hours run time.

A decent product – definitely a great stocking stuffer or gift to give to anyone in need of a better speaker if they currently use their laptop and are used to hearing muffled audio.. this would brighten their day and at the perfect price point. One caution…the price varies DAILY on Amazon for these! And you will find that different colors have different prices, again the costs vary daily. So check each color carefully before ordering


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