Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker CPC-600

Some people are leery about pressure cookers because of the legendary tales about kitchen explosions. They are all true. If I could show you the ceiling of my student apartment where my brothers were regularly cooking and there was a pretty big mishap that left a huge stain on the kitchen ceiling from the pressure cooking exploding straight up. No one was hurt but evidently the stain on the ceiling could never be removed.

Fast-forward to today’s pressure cookers that have multiple safety mechanisms and are now even electric! Im pretty fluent with crock-pots but they take literally all day long! Yes, it does make the whole house smell amazing but thats just torture to a hungry family. So I decided to purchase the Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker based on a family recommendation.

Fresh corn in 5 minutes: Jasmine rice in 8 minutes, pot roast and potatoes in 50 minutes. Makes me want to buy a second one to cook the side dishes in parallel. Everything comes out extremely tender, and moist. I felt like a pro chef and would be willing to compete on the Food Network provided they let me use this appliance. Keep in mind, everyone seems to say it takes such short times to cook, but it actually takes time for the unit to get the temperature and pressure up before the timer starts. For speedier cooking cycles you can let the food warm up to room temp and use hot tap water but I prefer the convenience of cooking frozen food, the less steps the better.

If you are looking to cook healthy in a convenient way, this unit is definitely recommended. The best part about a machine is that it does the tedious part of cooking for a time then stopping, and managing heat to keep the pressure and temperature consistent. This appliance can cut a working parent’s time by hours during the critical dinner hour and allow them to feed their kids real food.

One last piece of advice, the pressure cooker also comes with a trivit and a condensation trap. Be sure to check the box it comes in completely because these two items didn’t jump out at me when I removed the cooker. The condensation trap is wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in the packing foam making easy to miss. The trivit is tucked away at the very bottom of the box.

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