Woody’s Quality Grooming Web Pomade


What can I say about wanting to keep my hair in good form and health? Its a requirement damnit! Ive suffered through the years with having to deal with gels and hairspray and always HATED the “crunchy” feeling that those products left. Being able to run my fingers through my hair and not worry about getting caught due to the gel or spray was irritating. Oh, and the shine factor that those products left used to tick me off too.. Ive got jet black hair and last thing I needed was it to shine.

Fast forward to the modern age of pomades, wax and clays.. Ive tried quite a few of them out there (and I am still open to trying more) but Ive been pretty happy with Woodys’s Web pomade product. It adds just the right amount of texture to hair; thickens it without making it greasy or shiny looking. Looks natural, and you don’t have to use much to get good results. Make sure you rub it thoroughly in your hands before applying else chunks show up in your hair. The tub lasts a good long time. Of course there’s no “crunchy” feeling either. I will admit that it does not hold like Woody’s Clay, but then again it serves a different type of style. I wouldn’t mind a bit of a stronger hold – which would put me in the Woody’s Cream product line but unfortunately it adds the dreaded shine affect.

For $15, I’m happy with this though, its got the Matte finish
that I love that it gives me good hold and texture, but remains flexible. Woody’s is available in salons and online only and they’re worth checking out.

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