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Wheeler Dealer Wallet by Narwhal Co.

narwhalwheelerdealerSo the patterns / prints that came out of the 60’s and 70’s were pretty cool.. within moderation.. the bold psychedelic / puzzling designs were eye-catching.. but a whole shirt / dress of it would be overkill. So how about a subtle incorporation of that style into your normal life? Perhaps using it on accessories – like wallets and cuff ties? Neat idea huh!? Well too late for you.. because that’s what Narwhal have successfully done.

They’ve got a very limited product line and every single product is one of a kind since they do recycle genuine older ties and such to up-cycle them into these new nifty accessories. I like their catch-phrase “Our goal is to create an accessory that feels as good to own as it does to make“.

I ended up buying the Wheeler Dealer wallet because I figured this would be a cool piece to use on special occasions – where I simply did not need a thick wallet (i.e times where I might need to wear a suit or my slim fit trousers and the last thing I need is a bulging wallet) and it would be an homage to a style I associated with my parents – my dad was always wearing ties with the fun patterns back then. The form factor of the Wheeler Dealer is pretty slim (the Sattley Slim is the slimmest), has 2 slots that could accommodate up-to 4 cards and a lil pocket to hold some cash – just perfect for a night out. I’ve had mine for a good year now and it is still in great shape.

The Wheeler Dealer runs around for around $22, but my advice would be to look at all their offerings because every product is unique you will need to JUMP when you see a wallet that you like because there will never be another like it offered. Know someone who might appreciate the retro styling in a modernized package? It’s the perfect gift for the fella in your life!

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