Ryobi TEK4 Utility Light

Always interested in gadgets and such, and you never know when they could come to your benefit… I honestly wasn’t ever planning on reviewing this until my first one got misplaced/stolen.. its a pretty handsome looking light.. so I figured.. it was worthy of buying another and therefore a review too!

Ryobi makes all kinds of fun tooling accessories, I have the infrared thermometer and now this, the Tek4 Utility Light. The light has 6 LEDs with a 90 degree rotating dial on the end to turn the light, which I found very handy, being as it is more like a spotlight than a floodlight. The magnet works great on a flat metal surface, but not so well on anything else (e.g. the round tubular metal of a step stool). Being the clumsy fella, I have dropped, kicked and left this light in some pretty intense environments and it has always been reliable. . The Ryobi Tek4 Utility Light uses the rechargeable TEK4 battery or it has an insert that takes 3 AAA batteries. (Batteries included). Despite my typical opinion to not veer towards proprietary products – I opted for purchasing the TEk4 battery (it just looked like it could pack a lot of charge), charged it up once and it’s been a good half year and it still hasnt run out of juice!

Definitely one of those items that will come in handy on camping trips, and various handyman jobs around the house. I’ve also noticed that this can dip down to an amazing price point of around $15 – so wait til that happens before your purchase!

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