Samsung HW-H550 Wireless Audio Soundbar

Samsung HW-H550 Wireless Audio SoundbarBefore I say anything.. all I can say is that I am so glad I dont have neighbors so I can blow the subwoofer 24/7 but anyways on to the review…

The setup took 10 minutes; it was very easy. So why a Soundbar and not a full surround system? I live with a significant other who hates wires and loves to play her tunes off of her iPhone whenever possible. Being a Bluetooth device, she can now easily do that and have the ability of booming her music in the main living room.  The soundbar has different sound setting such as cinema, sports, standard, and music, which change the sound quality dramatically depending on what you are listening to. I didn’t like the fact that the soundbar did not come with an optical audio cable so I had to fork over some additional $$ for that premium cable.  You’d think that if a product wanted you to use it in it’s optima setting they’d give you the cables to really enjoy it as such. I also have this rig connected up to an LG TV which means that I’m having to use 2 remotes – the universe is pushing me to buy a Harmony remote isnt it? Stay tuned for that will probably be my next purchase.

Would I recommend it? If you aren’t a hardcore audiophile, and want a simple, sleek/minimalist designed product with bluetooth setup – oh and have a Samsung TV and/or universal remote – then I would say definitely YES!



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