Rosewill METAS Rigid Aluminum Body and USB3.0 / eSATA External Enclosure


Yes, I managed to find another somewhat old hard-drive in a box that I packed almost a year or so ago and I have no idea what contents are on it.. this had me want to zip down to my local computer store to buy an external hard-drive enclosure… wait.. such stores don’t exist anymore! I miss Circuit City! I called up Office Depot/Max but they do not carry such items in stock and unfortunately I am no where near to a Fries. So now I have to buy it online and wait. Great.

I bought myself the Rosewill METAS external hard-drive enclosure and am overall OK with it. There are some aspects/features I wish it had.. such as an LED light to indicate when and if the attached Hard drive was working, and I wish it had a power switch on the front. If I wanted to place this nondescript black/silver box somewhere out of the way, then I’d like to not have to constantly reach around it to turn it on and off.

On to the Pros.. I really enjoyed how easy it was to literally slide the hard-drive in and out of the enclosure, OK there are two screws you will have to manage (which affixes the drive to the tray/sled) but that’s simple. It would be nice if Rosewill sold additional trays so that you could easily swap out other hard-drives with them already attached that would make it even more efficient (HINT HINT Rosewill!!) The other aspect which I appreciated was that it has both USB 3.0 and eSATA ports, and it has a fully adjustable fan speed switch!. The fan can be pretty loud but no one likes machinery operating at above normal temperatures. The enclosure is also somewhat heavy/sturdy which makes placing it horizontally or vertically more comforting (it wont tip that easily).

I managed to pay just under $40 (shipping included) and it recognized my hard-drive easily and I had a pleasant smile on my face when I saw all the old pictures/files on my working hard-drive. Great job Rosewill!

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