Baby Touch 28640 WiFi Video Monitor & Internet Viewing System by Summer

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I was so excited to use this product… then I did. Let me start off with the good. The 3.5″ monitor itself is fine, the picture quality is decent and shows the video in full color when capable (when enough ambient light is available). It does do well in darker environments and the monitor does allow you to easily pan/tilt and zoom pretty nicely. There’s also a unique talk-back option that offers the ability to speak to baby via the handheld monitor and be heard through the camera, as well as being able to hear anything through the camera on the monitor. Oh, and a room temperature monitor is also present on-screen to gauge the environment. When I pulled it out of the box, I had to synch the monitor to the camera which took me almost half an hour and that was somewhat decent since I hardly ever read manuals. Now, if that’s all you are interested in doing with this product then you are good.. dont read any further!

Here’s where I started to dislike the product. The product describes itself as an ‘Internet Viewing System’ with Summer having it’s own mobile App (downloadable though Google Play) available for just that purpose. Well, I could never get the Summer App to work on my android phone. The camera connection constantly failed on it and provided no guidance in terms of troubleshooting which renders the ‘Internet’ aspect of this product monitor simply garbage for me. Yes, ideally I would like to be far away from the place I’m monitoring and not just limited to be in the next room. Reading the support forums I found that one could attach a secondary monitor to the camera – somewhat interesting option – but I’m simply reluctant on messing with it since it’s working so well as is and there seems to be quite a few negative responses from folks describing the exact same issue with the Mobile App I experienced.  I also

Bottom Line: If you’re buying this for the Internet capability, buy something else. If you are going to only use the provided monitor then you are all set.

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