Ryobi Tek4 Professional Infrared Thermometer RP4030

Adults need fun garyobirp4030dgets / toys too.. and this doodad is exactly that. How hot is that grill? How cold is that banana in the fruit salad? How about certain Computer parts (i.e. CPU, Hard-drives, etc.)? Is that pot of water actually boiling at 212 degrees? Oh and lets do that from across the room so I dont have to get up and waste energy – thats where the Ryobi Tek4 Infrared Thermometer gun puts a smile on your face.

Ok, so I should state that the device has a 10:1 spot-to-distance ratio. The ratio means that from 10 feet away you are measuring the average temperature over a square foot of area., so the closer you are the more focused and accurate of a temperature reading will be taken.

I decided to make a list of why one would need such a device:

    • Check the oven temperature calibration
    • Check for abnormally hot spots on stereo, TV, etc electronics items, and lighting fixtures
    • Check the refrigerator and freezer compartments for the right temperature
    • Look for hot or cold spots on the wall due to lack of insulation.
    • Take readings all along the seams of your kitchen door to identify the drafty sections
    • Check your AC vents to make sure your system is pumping out air at the appropriate temperature,
    • Check the efficiency of your skylight windows to make sure they are still in good condition.

There are countless other times when you need to take an accurate temperature reading and this device allows you to do it easily and at a really great price too.The Ryobi Tek4 Infrared thermometer is very rugged and solid built. The laser pointer makes it easy to aim and as mentioned in my earlier post about another Ryobi product (the Tek4 Utility LED Light) the rechargeable Tek4 battery lasts a long time and works with all my other Tek4 tools

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